Written in the sThe most remarkable events in life you never see comingpirit of authenticity, characters in this dark fairy-tale adventure are relatable and will connect with the deepest part any reader’s spirit.

Twelve-year-old Sophia Templar fights off a rape attempt as she struggles with a life bouncing between foster homes and bleak stays as a ward of the state.  Luck places her in the foster home of Elka and Edwin Gordon where, for the first time in her life, she is loved and appreciated.

Four wonderful years pass and the Gordons ask Sophia if she would agree to being adopted.  Joyously she accepts, and at school the next day she finds her bursting with serenity.  Good fortune has granted her greatest wish–a permanent family.  Soon after the guidance counselor calls her out of class.  “Sophia,” she says softly. “The Gordons were in an accident. Sophia . . . they’re gone.”

Sophia’s life spins out of control.  She plans to run away from the orphanage, but before she can escape, new foster parents arrive to take her. Only, they are not what they appear.  Sophia finds herself spirited away to Desta, a small town in the magic realm of Calista’s Court.

Adventures begin with discovery of simple magic. She soon learns that faeries, gnomes, wizards and other creatures of fantasy are real. She befriends a gargoyle named Gerard who watches out for her. But, all is not fun and safe in Desta. Some of the magic denizens hate humans.

Will this be the place Sophia can finally call home? Or will it be more deadly than the one she left behind?

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Awaken the GuardiAwaken the Guardianan follows Calista’s Court in the Bring Me to Life series. Originally written as one, these stories diverged after a conversation with Marisa Corvisiero.

Sophia Templar’s hero journey picks up, in “Awaken the Guardian,” twenty minutes after the first adventure ends.

Although flattered by Head Mistress Aristotle’s confidence in her academic ability, Sophia finds it “pointless” for her, a human, to be moved into Advanced Magic. Complaints from witchy students as Sophia enters her new class do nothing to ease apprehension.

As weeks progress, Sophia and gal-pal Divina Holbrook become as close as sisters. This empowerment makes them completely indifferent to their outcast status. Divina helps Sophia with studies and daily life in Desta, Calista. Sophia schools her friend in the importance of honoring and accepting oneself.

Enchanted as their lives had become romance was still on the menu. A surprise invitation from Asher Griffiths and Harris Harlo to accompany them to the annual Battleage thrill the girls. Too bad the spirited human still has her heart set on Saban Chariot, the most powerful wizard of their age.

Forever wishing for a simple, peaceful life, Sophia again finds herself the target of bitter teen-aged rivals. She is no match for their magical taunts. And if that were not menacing enough, some mysterious entity wants her dead.

Our hero survived abusers when she lived in the human realm. Although forgotten, she battled and somehow vanquished demons while in a deathly, dream-like state. Can she make it through this?

Supernatural abilities continue to develop, making it increasingly difficult for Sophia to explain them away. Questions of who she is– where she came from continue to haunt. If she knew who she really was, would it protect her from dangerous adversaries?

Is Sophia’s denial of her true power going to be her ultimate destruction?

Find out July 2015 when Awaken the Guardian is released first, on AMAZON.

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Six enchanted books make up the Bring me to Life Series. Books 3 through 6 gracefully wait to be published. Fan support, in the way of amazon reviews and book sales go a long way to expedite the process. Your help is essential to Bring the remaining Books to Life.

Book 1 – Calista’s Court

Book 2 – Awaken the Guardian

Book 3 – Guardian of the Pond

Book 4 – Anguni

Book 5 – Static

Book 6 – Another Life

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