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Home Care

Community service has been Susan’s focus over the last decade. Employment has placed her as both a community and residential caregiver to disabled adults.  Some tasks include: Assistance with personal hygiene, dispensing medication, cooking, cleaning, shopping assistance and transportation to daily activities. Employment has also granted the opportunity to teach yoga and meditation to those seeking physical and mental relief from their day.

Health and well-being has always been at Susan’s core. Peace and orderliness naturally follow. These principles radiate into every daily task and how she moves about the world.


While trained primarily in Yin & Vinyasa yoga, Susan’s true passion is for meditation. She always wondered how yoga and meditation were connected, and her curiosity lead her to take the 200 RYT with Randelle Lusk.  Some answers came near the end of training, although, Susan is happy to report that the learning will actually never end.  It’s a continual journey—an evolution, that she is delighted to share.

Susan taught yoga and managed the Devi Yoga Tribe studio until December 2016. She is now available for corporate, and private lessons.


Writer & Editor

Calista’s Court & Awaken the Guardian are two published works by Susan Hulcher. Both can be purchased on AMAZON.  Four other books in the Bring me to Life Series await their release date.

In the mean time, Susan blogs on her own website and has been published on other professional sites. Check out Does Truth Equate to Truth or Facts & Common Sense is Relative at Rebelle Society, and a special feature in Yogatropic for her her article entitled 9 Reasons Yogis would Survive a Zombie Apocalypses


5 thoughts on “About Susan

  1. Sharon Reddekopp Williams

    My darling daughter – I am tearing up as I write this. I always knew you were much more than beautiful – a talented,creative and loving person. Never give up on you dreams, my dear! They can become more real than you know.

  2. Gisselle

    Congratulations Susan! How happy I am to be here and read your posts! Life is great when we learn to appreciate opportunities and learn from good and not so good events in our lifes. I consider myself very fortunate because along these years I met lots of people and very unique people like you are the ones that will always be remembered. Cheers Reina 🙂


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