Why is this kid all over the news?

While scrolling through my facebook feed I see this meme about a teenager named David Hogg. It shows a freeze frame of him on two news stations, six months apart. In one clip he’s in Los Angeles, and in the second, he’s a student at the school in Florida that just experienced a mass shooting.

This seemed pretty odd to me. Too coincidental to be true. So I searched out CBS2 Los Angeles’s channel on Youtube and typed “David Hogg 2017” in the search bar. Sure enough, a video popped up.

David’s surfer friend was being harassed by a lifeguard. His crime, setting his surf board on a garbage can. But luckily, the news-station-jumping teenager caught it all on his phone and later posted it to Youtube. Apparently the video went viral and caught the attention of news stations.

Now I’m wondering, how did this video go viral? Why did it capture the entrancement of media? I follow lots of amazing Youtubers, with hundreds of thousands and millions of subscribers, and yet, they have never been on the news?

Curiosity peeked. Why was this guy all over the news? And why were there so many videos of him in my Youtube side bar—in various outfits? So I checked out a couple. Along with some observation, I also discovered a few interesting things about this “random kid.” . . . . And then I clipped a few of the news segments together in a video, in case you want to see it too.
STOP READING NOW, if you like to watch the video first before seeing my observations.


Again. Why is this kid all over the news? Is it just a weird coincidences?

David admitted he didn’t know the gunman, Nikolas Cruz, in the Florida event. “But his friends did”. Yet David and another girl Emma Gonzalez are the two front-men to express everything, and plastered all over TV stations. Why is that?

Then I find out that David’s father is a retired FBI agent who hates Donald Trump. And Mr. President has been very critical of the FBI lately. Did David’s father have anything to do with getting his son on air?

Then I discover from a Ben Swann video, entitled, “Reality Check: Trump Did Not Make It Easier for Severely Mentally Ill People To Buy Guns” that while the left media blames Trump for “making it easier for the mentally ill to get their hands on firearms,” it was actually the FBI who overlooked all of the red flags concerning the shooter. Cruz even cleared an instant background check via the FBI database. How the heck did that happen? He was reported on repeatedly.

Thirty-nine (39) visits were made to Cruz’s home for domestic violence. Tips were called in about him being a potential shooter. These were all ignored.

Next question, in the final video clip regarding the Florida shooting, why can’t Mr-news-jumper spit out the words to his story? He stumbles. Forgets. He can’t even organize simple words to an incident that he saw with his own eyes. That’s pretty odd, considering he is so calm and well-spoken, almost to the point of sounding scripted in all his other appearances.

What do you think about it?

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