Mass Meditation for Solar Eclipse (August 21)

Attention Meditators,

We have never experienced a more tumultuous time in our history. There is no denying this reality. Alternative and mainstream news, alike, speak everyday about war on the horizon.  “WW3” flashes before our eyes like the title of the newest sci-fi blockbuster. It’s really rather sickening.

Regardless of the reason, be it the political climate, “awakening,” natural progression, solar flares, Ascension, etc., lines have been drawn. Everyday citizens have chosen their side concerning a good many societal issues. It’s quite fascinating to witness. Have you noticed? Creatives are getting more bold, the spiritual more connected, victims more whiny, fanatics more irrational, martyrs more entitled, the deranged more desperate, and so on.  People are settling into their true selves—into the spirit behind the mask, which has fallen away with what some would protest as being an involuntary evolution.

Well, I for one couldn’t be more pleased. While one side of the coin is chaos and destruction, the other is a serenity found in reconnection—a rekindled love affair with authenticity, and a liberation from the fear which has held so many of us back in the past.

So while the world in upheaval, it’s not uncommon for many of us to feel overwhelmed, vulnerable or helpless—like things are so out of control, there is nothing we can do to help. But that’s not true.

Anyone involved in an awareness practice is also likely informed about the numerous studies regarding lower crime rates after a mass meditation. Though, my purpose in this article is not to cite these studies to substantiate my claim. There isn’t time, and, as I said, most of us have already settled into our true selves. My only intent is to inform those who are already open.

A call to action has been put out. On August 21st, 2017, groups from all over the world will be coming together for a Mass Meditation for Unity.  Everyone is invited to participate, and you can take part from anywhere in the Universe.

Below is a video I put together to aid in the meditation. It’s not one of my creations, mind you, but simple imagery that all who are participating will follow. It’s important for all of us to be on the same page, as there IS power in numbers.

Please note: After I made the video, I came across another site that added a vision of a pink light surrounding all of us, at the end of the meditation. Feel free to add this in on your own. Full instructions and additional resources can be found in the description on the Youtube video.

And, in Alberta, our meditation time is 12:11pm on August 21st. Suggested time for meditation is 15 minutes.…
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