Yoga at Nose Creek Valley Museum

Registered yoga at Nose Creek Valley Museum

Sessions start Thursday, January 19, 2017 until February 23rd

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Studio-trained instruction at community prices

Choose your class for $75

9:00am Beginner Yoga (6 Classes)

Curious souls have often wondered about yoga. They’ve heard some of the benefits. Perhaps even been instructed by doctors to take part. But certain obstacles, excuses even, have stood in their way. That ends now. Get to know yoga terminology, poses (asanas) and breathing techniques, in a fun and comfy environment.

10:30am Chair Yoga (6 Classes)

Many people with various physical conditions may find it challenging to stand for lengths of time, or even get on the floor. But that shouldn’t be a reason to neglect activity. Chair yoga adapts yoga poses to make them accessible while seated, or standing, by using a chair for support.  Peaceful breath work and beautiful meditation accompany every class.

12:00pm Yin/Yang  (6 Classes)

Yin allows you to tap into dormant mobility and strengthen bones & joints. Stationary poses can be restful, but will most certainly steady the mind and lead thoughts into serenity. Yang is a mindful, foundational flow practice, which synchronizes breath with movement. Don’t be surprised if creative bursts enlighten your days thereafter.

4:00pm Hips & Back for Anxiety (6 Classes)

Tight hips or a stiff back can be debilitating. It even makes sitting and walking a tiresome task. This class is lovingly designed to bring relief to these physical conditions. Soothing movements, centered breath and restorative resting poses have welcome benefits. A chance to slow down, center your thoughts, and regain equilibrium.

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 Private and corporate yoga classes are available.

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