What are your memories trying to tell you?

memoriesPeople have been quite nostalgic lately. Maybe it’s the phase of the moon, season, or drop in temperature that’s encouraging an emotional retreat . But whatever it is, it’s making me ponder. Why am I seeing it so much?

“Be in the now” is the current buzz-phrase, so all of this looking back must be contrary to spiritual development, right?

I don’t think so. In all the repetitiveness, the now-phrase has lost its original intent. And I think when memories pop up there may be a very good reason. It could be your intuition or “higher self” trying to tell you something.

What could it be trying to tell me, you may ask?

The answer, thankfully, is individual for everyone. I’d suggest you spend some introspective time analyzing yourself, before you go asking others. Here are some things to think about, though.

Are you remembering exciting times?

Could it be that you wish for stimulating events in your present? My co-working beamed when he spoke of how the company began. He recalled of the stress and exhilaration of the process. On that same note, in another’s life, could it mean a longing for a fresh state of mind, or a readiness for new a challenge?

Are you remembering safe, loving times?

For me, this would bring me to childhood thoughts– when I was fully secure, protected, and free. For others, it might conjure images of a past relationship, a home, favorite toy, or employment. Are you missing those comforting days?


Negative people from the past keep popping up in your head?

Yup, it’s happened to me and I always wondered why. High school friends or foes were decades ago. Eventually I figured it out. My flashes were trying to get me to see damaging people in my present. Similar feelings arose in both circumstances.

This might feel like being manipulated, feeling paranoid –like you have to watch your back. You might ask yourself, did I have a lack of trust or loyalty issue with this past person? Is there someone around me now that sets off these alarm bells?


Stupid things you did still haunting you?

Looking back to myself as a child, I can clearly see I’ve been too hard on myself.  Do you need to remind yourself that you were just learning? And might I add, still being schooled?

Seriously, why do people think that just because they’ve reached some magical age they should suddenly transform into a wise, all-knowing soul?  Age means nothing. Certain circumstances were out of your control. In the end, there is no need to feel guilt or pain for perceived, or actual past wrongs. When you know better you do better. Awareness is evolution.

Sometimes it seems you have to become a master thought decoder, but I think you’re worth your own effort. I’d love for you to add to my list. What are you trying to tell yourself, with your memories?

4 thoughts on “What are your memories trying to tell you?

  1. Sharon Williams

    Sometimes the memories help us find how far we have come since that time. The memories can be markers. Kind of like climbing a steep mountain, and when we look behind, we can see spots that were difficult to traverse. But we got through them and continued our journey. The memories help us realize that even hard stuff can be overcome. Our memories also show us that things that once brought us joy, no longer do.

    1. admin Post author

      Absolutely. That was actually in my notes to add into the blog, but never made it in. Perhaps we think alike. Lol. Memories can certainly be a chance to celebrate all that we’ve triumphed through and accomplished.

      I also like that you made mention of, “brought about joy, but no longer does.”

  2. D. S. Ledingham

    I do release old pains but I don’t forget them. I am just no longer controled by my negitive memories, instead they are part of my learning experiences.


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